Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sometimes, systems become inundated and outdated. Their 
inevitable replacement is something we can only sit back and 
wait for with bated breath. Other times, a machine will still 
work fine if it is updated with the necessary parts and given 
the old 're-boot'. Thus seems to be the case with Village 

A few weeks back, a bit of an emergency meeting was held in 
response to some uncertainty with VP and the lack of 
commitment, desire, passion, focus and energy therein. At 
that meeting, 8 of us talked about the tenants of what VP 
should be about and how to go about pursuing that from 
here. That meeting captivated the essence of what VP should 
be - a place where dreams can be dreamed and a place where 
we can all engage each other on a deeper level of Jesus-based 
spirituality...and above all, a place  where everyone within 
can get to know each other beyond the usual daily banter. 

Last week was the first follow up to this encouraging 
meeting. A pot luck was held at the home of Marc Andre 
Blier. There were 16 people. Testimonies were shared. 
Food was consumed. The feeling was a little somber but 
still exciting in the knowing that whatever comes out of VP 
will take time before it grows and that if nothing else, we 
are back on the right track.

My dream for VP is that it becomes a community of 
well-being. A place where people can feel transparent to 
share their burdens and a place where dreams are encouraged. 
Ultimately, I don't know how long I will be around Ottawa but 
I hope that VP will be around in this city for a long LONG 
time. I hope that one day, media would approach the 
community of VP and ask them why they are picking gum 
up off the streets. I hope that one day, a volleyball and 
mariokart tournament of love could happen where the whole 
city could be invited and fed.

We are heading to Tatyanna's tonight for some more food,
dreaming and sharing. I'll keep you updated.

Maybe someday, many years from now, if there was ever an
album or a movie made about it, that my name would be in the
liner notes somewhere.

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