Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Is VP To You?

So it's been almost a year since we fired this thing up. 
One snowy night in March, we met at Brad & Liz's apartment. 
We talked about the possibility of meeting on a steady 
schedule and for the most part, everyone was in. All of us 
were connected with IAWAH and yet somehow 
disconnected at the same time. In september, we fired things 
up and went for a weekly flow. We wanted God to be the 
leader and we wanted to be realistic in our approach. We
wanted old and young people to be involved and for it to 
look like a family. We wanted to do things in the city of 
Ottawa and help others in this community.

Things have changed. People have come and gone and newer 
people have done the same. A lot of us are unsure about 
what this thing is and what it needs to be. Some people are 
strong with their vision but unsure as to how to carry that 
out. Some want it to look like a bible study while others 
want it to look more like a homeless mission. Some think
it can be both and more.

If it's supposed to happen and grow, it will happen and grow.

What do you think? 

Let's hear some thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt!

I think that you bring up some good questions and I had also noticed that vp had recently stalled. So I guess before I answer the questions via blog I would like to propose an idea to you first before I propose it to the whole of vp. I would be happy to send out the email for this if we find out the details etc. which will become clear in a moment. As you probably know Kandace Parks is having chemo done for her crohn's disease. I don't know how long she will be staying full time in the hospital but if she is still there either this sunday or the sunday after I thought of the following. We could bring village people to her. I don't think she has come out to vp yet but since she is part of the greater iawah community and most vp'ers know her I thought it could be a good thing to do in both reaching out and just helping out by reminding her that she is loved. Let me know what you think and which dates this could fall on and I will look up the details of whether she would still be in the hospital at that time, if she can receive visitors then etc.
Good chattin,
see you soon!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I definitly agree that VP has stalled in the last months. When VP started, I wanted to find answers, put my faith into practice, make church a way of life and not a building. I wanted to bless the community, be more like Jesus, see change in peoples lives, see the Holy Spirit move. I wasn't exactly looking for a place to socialize with camp people. I know that when people experience deep things that touch the soul, there is unity that is created and people bond and stick, and want to hang out. But if VP is about socializing, I'd rather socialize with people on my own time. I want Vp to be purposeful. I realize that people are at different spots, and aren't always willing to jump right in, but just because something is purposeful doesn't mean it can't be laid back at the same time. That's the beauty of God, he's two seemingly opposing things at the same time, and I think VP should reflect that. I think people have lost interest in VP because it has become unpurposeful, and without passion. I do think VP, as it was meant to be, is phenomenal, and I do think it can be "saved".

The House Famous said...

Ottawa needs the village people! Dream! Village People, Dream!