Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Goal Is Perpetual Motion

Community can be a tough thing to live within. I don't even 
live in the same house as most of these people and already, at 
times, I've felt the urge to pull the pin and get out. People piss 
me off. Some guy talks too much. Some girl won't stop giggling. 
People lose focus. That person needs to shut up and listen.

And then you have nights like tonight.

We ate and Emily spoke. I'd like to personally thank Emily for 
speaking as I know it showed me deeper things not only about 
her life, but in my life, as well. Awkwardness can be tough and 
mood-killing but it is important to push through and dissect. 

Good things are happening. The plan has been scrapped and 
the Holy Spirit is being heard. It's hard but it is for the best.
We are instruments ready to make sound. Good sound.

We are moving.

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